Slick Trick Assailant Hybrid Broadhead



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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Built with a massive 2 ⅝” cutting surface

  • 2 fixed bleeder blades for a larger wound channel

  • Field point accuracy with a large cutting diameter

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Features the proven chisel-style tip from the ViperTrick series

  • 1 ¾” expandable heads and ⅞” fixed bleeder blades

  • Stainless steel construction

The Assailant is a first in class hybrid-style broadhead with a massive 2 5/8" total cutting surface. The Assailant - only from SlickTrick - features the popular ViperTrick series field-proven chisel-style tip. The broadhead features 1 3/4" expandable heads and a 7/8" fixed bleeder blade. Building on the successful profile of the RaptorTrick, the Assailant is designed to deliver precision field-point accuracy. The stainless steel construction delivers on SlickTrick's commitment to rugged, durable heads that perform, time after time.

Type Hybrid
Weight 100 grain
Broadheads per pack 3
Material Stainless Steel
Slick Trick

Slick Trick Assailant Hybrid Broadhead


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