SIG Sauer KILO2200 7x25mm BDX Rangefinder


Sorry, this product has been discontinued
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GOHUNT Highlights

  • The simple, two-button design makes it easy to use in the field
  • Long battery life to ensure it will last you your whole hunt
  • Angle compensates to ensure you will always have an accurate range when hunting out west

Manufacturer Highlights

  • 7x magnification makes it easy to find your target at extended distances
  • Will range an animal out to 1300 yards, making it perfect for even the longest shots in the field or on the range
  • Pairs with Sig’s BDX scopes via bluetooth to provide you a precise aiming point based on your rifle’s ballistics
  • Warranty - 5 year manufacturer

The KILO2200BDX rangefinder provides one of the most advanced rangefinders at this price point. With the ability to range animals out to 1300 yards and compensate for angles, this rangefinder is perfect for western hunting. The BDX capability allows you to pair this with a BDX scope which will provide you with an adjusted aiming point based on the distance to your target and your rifle’s ballistics. With a battery life of 4000 ranges and an OLED display, this rangefinder will work when you need it most.

Range Reflective Up to 3400 yards
Range Deer Up to 1300 yards
Magnification 7x
Objective Lens Diameter 25mm
Weight 7.5 oz
Warranty 5 year manufacturer
Sig Sauer

SIG Sauer KILO2200 7x25mm BDX Rangefinder


Built by GOHUNT

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