Short Action Precision

Short Action Precision Two Round Holder

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*Includes 1 Two Round Holder Per Purchase

goHUNT Highlights

  • Keep your rounds close for quick follow up shots
  • Attaches via velcro to the side of your stock
  • Standard - Fits all rounds .308 to .300 Win Mag
    • .450" to .550" in casing diameter
  • Magnum - Fits 6.5 SAUM, 7 SAUM, .338 Lapua, and most Mag/Ultramag cartridges
    • .550" to .80" in casing diameter

The perfect addition for any rifle hunter. The sleek design will stay out of the way when hiking in and be right where you need it at a moment's notice. Strong velcro allows the rounds to anchor tightly to the stock but can be removed if desired. Great for follow up shots, or when extra rounds are required.

Customer Reviews

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Michael S.
Convenient Rounds

Works great for my needs. The backside of the Velcro strip is weaker than the Velcro so this might be an issue if you plan to remove it a lot. Other than that it’s perfect for my needs. I have it on a CVA Scout Compact .243

Rick Moberly
Do not recommend

I do not recommend this product for hunting purposes. It is great when shooting PRS competitions only. The reason is I kept loosing bullets while hiking with a pack. Happened several times and after losing 4 rounds of 6.5 PRC in two days, I removed it from my gun. Simply the bullets would work their way loose. I removed it from my rifle and went back to carrying bullets in a belt pouch. I like the idea of putting it on your binocular chest rig better.

Two Round Holder

Short Action Precision Two Round Holder.

Khris Huerta
Simple, but works

Great product. Easy install and will not come loose or off. Would buy again

Matt Kelley
Two round holder

Love it.

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