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Seek Outside Titanium Wood Stove

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If you want be more comfortable and get deeper into the backcountry during the late fall and winter months, a Seek Outside Titanium Wood Stove is a must have. Titanium's weight and superior burn characteristics make it an ideal material for packable, light weight and efficient backcountry stoves. These stoves can really keep your shelter warm when it's cold outside. The Seek Outside Titanium Wood Stoves assemble easily and dissemble to a flat package that fits nicely into almost any backpack. The stove pipe also rolls into a cylinder roughly a foot in length. Due to the efficient nature of titanium these stoves are capable of heating a compatible tent in very cold temperatures and will retain coals for hours. Available in 2 sizes, medium and large. Medium stoves ideally suited for winter conditions in 2 to 4 man shelters (Lil' Bug Out, Silvertip, and Cimmaron).  Large stoves recommended for winter use with 4 to 6 man shelters (Cimmaron and Redcliff). Each stove includes; 6 stove walls, stove pipe, pipe rings, damper, legs, hardware, and storage sack. Stoves have a limited lifetime warranty. 

Medium Stove Dimensions  8" x 8"x 10.25"
Assembled Height 12"
Assembled Weight  31 oz w/storage bag
Stove Pipe Diameter  3.125"
Stove Pipe Length 6'
Stove Pipe Weight w/rings 2 oz per ft (12 oz total)
Volume 660 cubic inches


Large Stove Dimensions  8" x 8" x 14"
Assembled Height
Assembled Weight
35 oz w/storage bag
Stove Pipe Diameter
Stove Pipe Length
Stove Pipe Weight w/rings
2 oz per ft (15 oz total)
940 cubic inches
Material Titanium


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