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Seek Outside Large U-Turn Stove with 7.5' Pipe

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Ultra-light stove to keep you warm and dry to help you hunt harder and stay longer
  • Titanium foil for the back and sides to shave off even more weight
  • Sturdy stove with a flat top for melting snow or cooking

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Sliding door and air intake control
  • Redesigned damper with integral spark arrestor
  • All Titanium Construction - Top and bottom are 30 gauge Grade I, U-Turn sides, and pipe are titanium foil

The Seek Outside U-Turn stove uses lightweight titanium foil for the stove sides and back to cut significant weight (12 oz on a medium with 6 feet of pipe). U-Turn stoves compare very closely to cylinder type stoves on the market in weight but are much more sturdy, easier to assemble and cook on due to the flat top. If you are looking for a lightweight stove that still gives you the option to melt snow or cook on, the U-Turn is what you need.

Compatible With Redcliff and Cimarron
Packed Dimensions 10.25" x 14" x .75"
Assembled Dimensions 8.25" x 8.25" x 14"(firebox) 12" tall w/legs
Total Weight 2 lbs 8 oz w/7.5' stove pipe
Stove Pipe Diameter 2.5"
Stove Pipe Length 7.5'
Material Titanium

Customer Reviews

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Great Stove

I like the titanium stoves from Seek Outside. Super lightweight, easy to setup (after you assemble it a few times) and the Large U Turn has volume enough to keep the Redcliff warm and comfortable. I have had this tent and stove in temps down to 15 degrees and I was able to keep it nice inside the tent. You gotta keep the stove stoked and continue to pile wood in every 2-3 hours to keep it warm but it certainly keeps the tent warm when the stove has enough wood burning. Its a great way to get way back into a spot and setup a decent sized structure and keep warm when the temps cool down.

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