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Scott Archery Echo Release

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goHUNT Highlights

  • The new Roller Trigger System on the Scott Echo release provides no torque so every shot is consistent and precise 
  • Adjustable trigger travel and tension to suit every bow hunter and shooter alike
  • Ergonomic grip that has ridges to give exact finger placement every time for the most repeatable shot 

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Independent jaws eliminate torque
  • The off-center design delivers high-efficiency opening response
  • Separate trigger travel and tension adjustments for a wide range of trigger adjustment

Featuring Scott Archery's new, torque-eliminating Hyper Jaw technology, the Scott Archery Echo Bow Release delivers a superior, efficient response when you pull the trigger. Utilizing independent-operating, asymmetrical jaws, the Hyper Jaw design operates in perfect synchronization to eliminate any lateral torque that may come from inconsistencies in shooting form. The Echo's adjustable Roller Trigger System provides a silky smooth trigger action, with separate adjustable travel and tension for a perfect, customized fit. Ergonomic grip ridges help ensure consistent finger placement, while the curved trigger design provides a distinct feel and increased finger placement options. Rugged, fold back buckle strap with giving nylon webbing connector. 

Adjustable Trigger Yes
Adjustable Length Yes
Jaw Type Closed
Caliper Type Single caliper
Wrist Strap Material Leather
Wrist Strap Connection Buckle

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Awesome release!
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