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Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Extreme Rear Support System

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Make each shot as stable as it can be with this rear support system 
  • Lightweight and compact makes this a must-have in the backcountry 
  • Perfect for shots when you have extra time to set up

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Provides stability to help guarantee a clean shot
  • Lightweight at just 4.4 oz
  • Adjustable height from 3" - 6"

After designing the Extreme Bipod, Rugged Ridge put their minds to work on stabilizing the back end of the rifle. This resulted in the creation of the Extreme Rear Support System or E.R.S.S. Without stabilizing the back end of your gun you cannot be accurate out at longer ranges. Before the E.R.S.S. hunters had to rely on wobbly elbows, heavy sandbags or rolled up coats to stabilize the rear of their rifle. The day has come that we can say goodbye to these sloppy techniques and rely on true American made mechanical advantage. The E.R.S.S offers superior stabilization and is so light and compact you can throw it in your pants pocket.

Weight 4.4 oz
Material Polyurethane

Customer Reviews

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Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Extreme Rear Support System

Rear Support

It is a good concept but it is unstable and keeps slipping the point that I have to hold it by hand to micro adjust height ( has only 2 heights) which defeats the purpose. I will still practice shooting with it until I find a consistent position for my gun.I am shooting a Christensen Traverse. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Rugged ridge rear support

Great product, light weight adjustable easy to use and very very stable

Must have

When I think of items for long range shooting, obviously the “gun, scope, and solid round” come to mind. But all of that is pointless if you do not have a SOLID rest! Bipods are a must in my shooting, but the Rugged Ridge Extreme Rear Support has become the biggest compliment to my Hatch Outwest front bipod. With these 2 items my gun is rock solid, literally get the animal or steel plate in the cross hairs, dial, and pull the trigger. Much easier and better system then trying to use a pack, shooting bags, etc. for the rear rest to make it a solid set up. With the 4 built in adjustments of the rear support system and the angularity of the bottom side of your stock you can get a solid rest at any height for shooting from the prone position. This item has become one of my highest recommendations to my buddies lately.


Very pleased past my expectations very quality product

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