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Rocky Mountain Rogue Bugle Tube

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Designed to work with a diaphragm mouth call to produce locator and challenger bugles

  • Utilizes the V.E.T.T. calling system to help create better back pressure which aids in changing notes

  • Tube Tamer on the inside dampens unnatural vibrations

Manufacturer Highlights

  • A design combined of Rockie Jacobsen’s prowess and Steve Chappell’s ability to kill big bulls

  • Easy to pack with an overall length of just 17.5"

  • 1 1⁄2” mouth opening and tapered lip adaptor for a perfect seal, great volume and tone

  • Warranty Manufacturer Defects for the life of the product

The Rogue bugle tube is a combination of Rockie Jacobsen’s inventing prowess and Steve Chappell’s uncanny ability to kill big bulls. This Bugle Tube is built with Rocky Mountain Call's V.E.T.T. system so it contains a spring tuned to the precise dimensions inside the specially made mouthpiece. The spring creates more volume, stabilizes higher notes, makes raspier low growls, and allows for easier octave changes. The Rogue is less than 18” in overall length which makes it easier for packing. It is made with a 1 1⁄2” mouth opening and tapered lip adaptor, vibration dampener (Tube Tamer) on inside of the tube, and comes fully assembled and ready for use with your favorite mouth diaphragm.

Length 17.5"
Manufacturer Warranty Manufacturer Defects for the life of the product

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