Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls GTP Diaphragm Elk Calls - 3 Pack

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  • Get more bang for your buck by purchasing this 3-pack which includes the #134 Black Magic, the #135 Reaper, and the #139 Spellbound call
  • GTP stands for golden tone plate which creates a more crisp and realistic sounding diaphragm
  • All calls have the ability to make bull and cow sounds, but more suited for bugles and chuckles
  • Proudly made in the USA

Get 3 all-star elk calls in one convenient package with the Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls GTP 3-Pack Mouth Elk Calls – the #134 Black Magic, the #135 Reaper, and the #139 Spellbound. The Black Magic sports an advanced design that bugles like a frustrated bull. It can also produce clear cow mews and chirps. The Reaper makes aggressive bugles, sounding like a frustrated bull challenging for the herd. You can even produce the estrus whine of a cow in heat with it, too. The Spellbound features a double latex design that creates realistic display bugles, so you can challenge bulls and bring 'em in closer.

Customer Reviews

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brock barron
GTP diaphragm call pack

Contains 3 great diaphragms for bugling. All 3 have a medium arch plate

Exactly what I needed

I received my order extremely fast and without issue. It's exactly what I expected, so there's nothing I would have improved with my order.

Mark Shaver

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls GTP Diaphragm Elk Calls - 3 Pack

Alex B
Rocky Mountain Elk Calls

Just getting into Elk hunting and grabbed these to start practicing for the fall. The black and blue calls are very easy to blow and I have become very consistent with each. They are both single reed with the black I believe being the thinner and with more stretch. The purple is double reed and strong latex so I have to blow much harder to get a high pitch bugle. Good products.

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