Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Elk Slayer RTS Diaphragm Elk Call

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goHUNT Highlights

  • If you’re looking for a do it all reed when it comes to cow/calf sounds and satellite bull octaves look no further than this diaphragm
  • The latex is stretched perfectly to create nasal estrus cow sounds along with mews chirps and whines
  • Versatile reed also produces high pitched satellite bull sounds and octaves

The latex is stretched to create the nasal estrus cow sounds as well as mews, chirps and whines. It can also produce high pitch satellite bugles and easy octave changes for location bugles.

Customer Reviews

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Kasey Vergin
Versatile call

I get the widest range of calls from this diaphragm. It has replaced the raging bull as my go to call. True calf calls are a stretch, as are super nasty bull bugels. But the mid range cow up through mid range bugle are fantastic.
One note, after about 150 bugels or so, cow calls became much more difficult to make as the reed seemed to have lost it’s initial sensitivity. Not sure if they all do that or not.

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