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Rocky Mountain Calls Elk 101 Diaphragm Elk Calls - 3 Pack

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- Great value, 3 of the best selling calls in a combo pack. 
- The Elk 101 series of calls feature the tone-top design which is easy to use
- Capable of producing a wide variety of sounds, including cow, calf, and bugles 

The Elk 101 3 Diaphragm Pack includes 3 of the best-selling Elk 101 calls, the All-Star, Contender, and Champ. These calls are built using the tone-top diaphragm style. The All-Star and Champ are both designed to be easier to use for beginning callers. The Contender is designed for a slightly more skilled caller. This makes this pack very versatile and a great option for first time callers and experienced callers alike. 

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