Q2i Archery Fusion X-II SL Arrow Vanes

Designed for target and 3D archery, this lightweight and aerodynamic vane offers precision shooting on long shots. The low-profile design minimizes disruptions and is ideal for use in adverse weather conditions.


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Why we like this product

  • Low-profile shield cut
  • Minimal in-flight interruption
  • Designed for accuracy shooting for long shots

The Q2i Archery Fusion X-II SL Arrow Vanes is a top-of-the-line target archery vane specifically designed for both target and 3D archery. Its lightweight and aerodynamic build allows for precision shooting on long shots, whether in the field or down range. The low-profile design minimizes in-flight disruptions, ensuring a cleaner shot for competitive archers. - Perfect for use in wet or windy weather conditions. Made with a special duo polymer material, this vane is easy to apply using any standard glue.

Length Height Width Weight 
1.75" 0.35" 0.033" 4.3 Grains
2.1" 0.35" 0.033" 5.3 Grains
Q2i Archery

Q2i Archery Fusion X-II SL Arrow Vanes


Built by GOHUNT

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