Phelps Unleashed V2 Bugle Tube

Wrapped in stylish neoprene to muffle noise, this bugle is equipped with both EZ Bugler and Flared mouthpieces so you can experiment with different calling styles in one purchase. Enjoy authentic, realistic bugles, uniquely clear notes, ear-piercing screams, deep grunts, and loud chuckles—all of which make the Unleashed V2 the ultimate elk bugle.


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Why we like this product

  • Easy-to-use external “EZ Bugler” mouthpiece fixes common user problems with standard diaphragms.
  • “Flared” mouthpiece for Diaphragm users
  • Comes with a Neoprene Cover to reduce noise traveling through brush
Weighing just 12.5 oz and 20" long, the Phelps Unleashed V2 is lightweight without compromising sound. Wrapped in neoprene for a modern look that reduces noise, this bugle tube comes with both EZ Bugler and Flared mouthpieces so calling styles can be changed with one purchase. Enjoy realistic bugles, remarkable note articulation, mighty screams, powerful chuckles, and deep grunts. The Unleashed V2 will be the measure of all elk bugles.
Weight 12.5 oz
Length 20"
Color Multi-Cam or Conifer
Manufacturer Warranty Limited Lifetime
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Phelps Unleashed V2 Bugle Tube


Built by GOHUNT

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