Phelps Signature AMP Diaphragm Elk Call - 3 Pack


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The Phelps Signature AMP Diaphragm elk calls 3 pack combines the awesome calling power of the Smith Signature AMP, Phelps Signature AMP, and Maverick Signature AMP diaphragm calls sure to make you a force in the woods this September.

Why we like this product
  • Easy to use 3 pack diaphragm calls  
  • Single reed diaphragm calls 
  • Smith Signature AMP provides great volume for location bugles and sweet cow sounds
  • Phelps Signature AMP is quite possibly the best all-around, do anything elk call for a wide range of cow and bull sounds
  • Maverick Signature AMP is a top-selling call on the market personally designed by Dirk Durham for the most authentic bugles and cow sounds around

The Phelps Signature AMP Diaphragm elk calls give you an awesome assortment of signature-designed; high-quality elk calls from the most hardcore elk hunters around. All the AMP calls included feature a single reed and are built to exact specifications and standards. The Smith Signature reed was built specifically to get great volume for location bugles but also sweet enough to close the deal up close with nice cow sounds. Every Phelps Signature AMP diaphragm is built to the exact specifications and standards of Jason Phelps himself. This call is a great option for hunters who like to switch back and forth between bugling and cow calling, a great all-around option. The Maverick has been specifically designed for the most authentic bugles, and realistic cow calls to meet the demands of World Elk Calling Champion Dirk Durham. The latex in this reed is stretched tight to an optimum point which allows the call to settle in for the longest possible duration of calling perfection. After 20+ hard bugles, the reed will begin settling in and continue to sound better and better. Put the power of some of the best elk callers in the world in your corner and make some noise this fall with all the sounds September has to bring.  

Number of Reeds Single
Material Latex
Quantity 3 per pack (1 Smith, 1 Phelps, and 1 Maverick)
Manufacturer Warranty 90 days free from manufacturer defects and workmanship
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Phelps Signature AMP Diaphragm Elk Call - 3 Pack


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