Phelps Hunter's Select 3-Pack Turkey Calls

Why choose one when you can have three, the Phelps Hunter's 3-Pack Turkey Calls combines Phelps's best turkey calls into one package, this pack is good for beginners and experts alike.


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Why we like this product

  • Rippin' Red very loud call overall and sits almost in the middle of the clean to raspy spectrum
  • Casper has clean and quiet sound on the call matrix and is great for beginners
  • Trippin' Hen features a triple reed design with a signature cut that creates the perfect amount of rasp
  • Diaphragm calls are hands-free so you can stay on the gun while calling

The Phelps Hunter's 3-Pack Turkey Calls takes three of their best-selling calls and puts them together for a one-stop shop experience. The Rippin’ Red features a combo cut of .004 red latex over double .004 natural latex. This call produces the raspy yelps of an old hen and high-pitched kee-kee runs of a lost turkey. The Rippin’ Red ranges from hard, crisp cutting, and yelping, to soft clucks, purrs, and whines, no wonder it’s Phelps’s most popular turkey call to date. The Phelps call matrix has the Rippin’ Red as an intermediate to advanced call, it is a louder call and isn’t too clean or too raspy. The Casper is a great call for beginners. The ghost cut out in the center of the reed helps you make easy kee-kee sounds and quality high-pitched hen yelps. The Phelps call matrix sets the Casper as an easy beginner call, on the quieter side of the spectrum when it comes to overall volume with a clean tone rather than raspy. The Trippin' Hen features a triple reed design with a signature cut that creates the perfect amount of rasp. This call is made for the beginner and expert alike. A sweet yelping diaphragm with a smooth front end and super raspy back end when needed.

Directions for using your Phelps turkey diaphragm call:

Place the call on the roof of your mouth with the Phelps logo facing down and position the call to where it’s comfortable. With the tip of your tongue placed behind your bottom teeth, roll your tongue up until it touches the latex while keeping your tongue as flat and relaxed as possible.

After taking a deep breath force air across the latex, some calls require less force than others. While your tongue is against the latex you will start the high note. Drop your bottom jaw so you are applying less pressure to the latex creating the break over.

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Phelps Hunter's Select 3-Pack Turkey Calls


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