Nexxus Pre-Fletched Infinity Arrow Shaft & Defender Outsert - 6 Count

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Micro-diameter construction has less wind resistance and increased penetration
  • Defender outsert system provides increased durability and penetration
  • All carbon construction offers incredible strength for even the largest game

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Pre-installed nocks
  • Pre-Fletched with 3 x 2" Rapt X Vanes & 2 degree helical for maximum accuracy and broadhead control
  • Includes Aluminum DEFENDER outserts

Micro diameter meets massive durability, 6 x fletched arrow shafts. 4.2mm/.166 ID micro diameter shafts coupled with the DEFENDER outsert system, provide increased penetration and unmatched durability for your arrow setup. The Micro diameter, 4.2mm(ID) shaft has less wind drift in flight, resulting in improved accuracy compared to standard diameter shafts. Pre-fletched with nocks outserts included.

Spine 250
Inner Diameter 250 - 4.2mm
300 - 4.2mm
350 - 4.2mm
400 - 4.2mm
Outer Diameter 250 - 6.41mm
300 - 6.24mm
350 - 6.07mm
400 - 5.9mm
Grains Per Inch 250 - 11.1
300 - 10.0
350 - 8.87
400 - 8.05

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryan Huggins
Flying Great

I finally decided to try out this heavy arrow concept after having two non-pass throughs last year. I decided on these as my arrow due to the micro diameter and 10 grains per inch. I got these setup with 125 grain Ozcut Elite 2 blades for a total of 500 grains total arrow weight and 15% FOC. These things fly amazing and I can already tell a difference in penetration/momentum potential. I shot the exact same deer target I always have with my other arrow setup and the first shot blew through the target, split a fence picket behind it and stuck out 3 inches. I have to pry it out with a nailbar. I'm drilling the 10 ring at 50 yards consistently at the range today. Slapped on the Ozcuts to see if they are flying different than field points and no, they are grouping within inches. I'm very pleased.

Riggin Marriott

After only a few weeks of shooting these I can tell they'll be superior in the field.

Justin Thompson
Best system on the market

These arrows are flawless, worth every penny. Make the switch you’ll be happy you did.

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