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MTN OPS Hot Ignite Trail Packs

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Full serving of Hot Ignite in an on the go packet, perfect for taking into the backcountry
  • Ideal for late-season hunts
  • A great option for those who like to have a warm drink in the morning but don’t like the crash or jitters that can come with coffee

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Cardiovascular endurance (20+ hours of Nitric Oxide boost)
  • Mental focus, clarity & cognitive function
  • Gluten-free

These Trail Packs allow you to take the benefits of Hot Ignite into the backcountry. Hot Ignite improves cognitive function, delivering smooth, long-lasting, jitter-free, and great-tasting energy and focus for up to 20+ hours. Providing just the right amount of energy to get you out of your sleeping bag on a cold late season morning makes these a great addition to anyone’s backcountry breakfast.

How to Use
Mix one serving (1 trail pack) of MTN OPS HOT IGNITE™ in 10 oz of water. Best used to jump-start your day as a replacement for your coffee, immediately before or during a hike, hunt, strenuous activity, long day in the office, to keep up with kids at home, or anytime your brain or body needs a little boost in energy, function and mental sharpness.
Serving Size 1 Trail Pack
Servings Per Tub 20
Gluten-free Yes
Key Ingredients Amino Acids L-Citrulline, L- Arginine, and a proprietary Brain Blend of Nootropics
Mtn Ops

MTN OPS Hot Ignite Trail Packs


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