MSR HyperFlow Microfilter Water Filter


Sorry, this product has been discontinued
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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Filter water with ease and peace of mind
  • Adaptable pieces to all MSR and most large-mouthed containers
  • Great for day trips or multi-day backcountry hunts

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Weighing just 7.8 ounces there’s no reason not to have it
  • Cartridge life 1000 liters gives you peace of mind
  • Flow rate 3L/min to save you time and energy
  • Effective protection/filtration against protozoa and bacteria
  • Warranty - Limited warranty

Ergonomic design, diminutive size, and tool-free maintainability make this a great option for any hunter in any situation. With a filtration rate of 3-liters per minute, you’ve got an extremely efficient microfilter. Includes a Quick Connect bottle adaptor—allowing direct connection to all MSR® hydration products and a variety of other "wide mouth" containers such as Nalgene bottles—and an advanced prefilter to prolong the life of your filter.

Weight 7.8 ounces
Packed Size 7" x 3.5" x 3"
Water Treatment Type Pump
Cartridge Life 1000 Liters
Flow Rate 3L/min
Effective Against Protozoa and Bacteria
Filter Pore Size 0.2 microns
Filter Method Hollow Fibers
Housing Material ABS plastic
Manufacturer Warranty Limited Lifetime

MSR HyperFlow Microfilter Water Filter


Built by GOHUNT

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