Montana Decoy Purr-Fect Pair XD Combo

The Miss Purr-Fect XD and Jake Purr-Fect XD decoys come together to make the perfect turkey combo for run-and-gun hunters tired of heavy competitor decoys and bulky bags.

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Why we like this product

  • Allows for versatility in your decoy setup for the time of season and location you're in
  • The lightest 3D decoy on the market, up to 45% lighter than others
  • Collapses down into a zippered pouch for easy packing
  • Adjustable head positions give you the versatility of different positions; standing, feeding, and brawler
  • XD Fabric and printing plus feather cuts give you the realism and subtle movement that turkeys are looking for
  • Stake and strap design allow a little motion for realism but keeps the decoy from spinning

Montana Decoy Co. Purr-Fect Pair XD Combo bundles the Jake Purr-Fect and Miss Purr-Fect 3D decoys together for twice the turkey action. Montana Decoy Co. uses an improved printing process with an all-new XD Fabric that better replicates the natural iridescence of turkey feathers. To take it one step further, feather cuts were added giving another layer of realism and subtle movement a turkey is used to. Each decoy has can be set up in three positions; feeding, standing, or brawler (Jake) and breeder (Hen) giving you countless setup options to make the most of the time of season and location you’re hunting in.

Weight Jake Purr-Fect - 1 lb 6 oz
Miss Purr-Fect - 1 lb 6 oz
Together - 2 lbs 12 oz
Dimensions Folded Jake Purr-Fect - 9" x 3" 
Miss Purr-Fect - 9" x 3"
Dimensions Unfolded Jake Purr-Fect - 9" x 34"
Miss Purr-Fect - 9" x 34"
Montana Decoy Co.

Montana Decoy Purr-Fect Pair XD Combo


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