Montana Decoy Fred Eichler Cow Elk Decoy


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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Quick to deploy when needed

  • An excellent option for solo hunters

  • Folds into a small size and is the most portable full-bodied elk decoy you can carry in your pack

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Sets up fast and easy in any terrain thanks to the elastic strings and clips

  • Built from an HD photo of an actual cow elk

  • Folds up for easy transport, 2 lbs 8 oz. (including poles, strings, and clips)

This Cow Elk Decoy is the product of a collaboration between Montana Decoy Co. and renowned bowhunter Fred Eichler. This lightweight and compact decoy can give you the advantage you need to get within range of the herd bull. This decoy can serve two very important purposes. You can use it as cover for crossing windswept ridges and other open spaces. It can also be used as a distraction to keep the bull's eyes off of the hunter. Your caller can set up off to your side with the decoy distracting the bull and allowing you to be able to come to full draw and make an effective and ethical shot. When you are not using the decoy it conveniently folds down to a much smaller size. This makes bringing it with you to the most remote canyons a no brainer.

Weight 2 lbs 8 oz
Folded Dimensions 19" x 12"
Unfolded Dimensions 47" x 30"
Montana Decoy Co.

Montana Decoy Fred Eichler Cow Elk Decoy


Built by GOHUNT

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