Magneto Sporter Ballistics Chronograph



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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Simple, one-button cycling display that shows recent shot velocity and statistics
  • Easy access battery compartment, no need for a screwdriver to swap batteries
  • Three sensitivity settings for fine-tuning

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Integral, quick-attach strapping system; with metal buckle and triad thumb nut
  • Integral 3.5 foot sensor cord
  • Proven technology with updated sensor design

The MagnetoSpeed Sporter chronograph was designed to be used on barrels from 1/2 inch up to 1 inch in diameter. It can also accommodate muzzle brakes and flash hiders up to 2.7 inches in length. Ideal for contoured rifle barrels (sporter barrels) and long-barreled revolvers. For center-fire rifles and revolvers only, not compatible with airguns or rim-fire.

Battery Type 9-Volt (Included)
Compatible With Centerfire rifles and long-barrel revolvers
Warranty 2-year for manufacturer defects

Magneto Sporter Ballistics Chronograph


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