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*For exact sizing, its best to take the old laces out of your boots and measure them with stretch as Technora Toughlaces don't stretch

goHUNT Highlights

  • The toughest boot laces on the planet, 8 times stronger than steel

  • Made with the same material in fire rescue ropes and bulletproof vests

  • Fire-resistant up to 932°F

  • Jared has had the same pair of Technora Toughlaces for 8 years, used in multiple pairs of boots

  • Warranty - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Ever broken a lace in the backcountry and had to figure out a way to make it back to your truck? With Lawson Equipment's Technora Toughlace's that's a thing of the past. They are the strongest, most burly boot lace ever created. 8 times stronger than steel, fire-resistant up to 932°F, and highly abrasion-resistant. The Technora fiber that is used to make these laces are high tech, Kevlar like material, but better as it excels in flex fatigue which means it's commonly used in fire rescue ropes, body armor, and high-performance sails used in the worst conditions. To make them even tougher, they are braided as tight and dense as possible to make them almost indestructible. Lawson doesn't stop there, the ends are fitted with a crimped metal tip, no plastic tips to split and fall off. The end result of all this work and technology is the toughest bootlace on the planet that will outlast your boots. Also, they are designed, tested, and made right here in the good old USA.

*Sold in pairs

Diameter 9/64"
Average Break Strength 1,000 lbs
Manufacturer Warranty 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Allen

In most hunting applications if you find a product that has dual purposes keep it. Not only can I secure my boots I can recover a ditched truck. On a serious note they are tough as nails and would highly recommend.

Jeremy Stahowiak
seem like great laces

Seem like great laces but they did not work for Lowa Tibet GTX.

Aaron Lewis
Best damn laces

best laces I have every used. I snapped my old ones in have by tying them and these will hold up bolders if you had to.

I highly recommend them.
Just make sure you measure your old ones.


Will these fit through the small eyelets of the Kenetrek boots?

Will Steffen
Solid laces, but large diameter tips

The laces appear to be substantial, however they won’t fit through my Lowa Renegade GTX eyelets.

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