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Last Chance Archery Pro Grain Scale

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goHUNT Highlights 

  • The next great addition to your bow building kit 
  • Measure the weights of all of your arrow components with ease and accuracy 
  • New arrow holder attachment to always keep your arrows in place

Manufacturer Highlights 

  • Measurement units of ounces, grains, grams, carats, and pennyweight
  • Durable and convenient touch screen
  • Auto-calibrates and can measure up to 3,000 grains
  • Warranty - Lifetime workmanship guarantee

The Last Chance Archery Pro Grain Scale Scale is perfect for weighing carbon and aluminum arrows, points, broad-heads, vanes, stabilizer weights, components, anything, and everything to build your next arrow. No archer that builds his or her own arrows should be without it.  Get a Pro Grain Arrow Scale today and take your tuning to the next level.

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