Jetboil JetLink Accessory Hose


Sorry, this product has been discontinued
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Create a backcountry kitchen that will rival the one you left at home with the Jetboil JetLink Accessory hose. 

Why we like this accessory
  • Daisy chains Jetboil and Eureka multi-burner stoves together to create the ultimate outdoor range
  • Allows multiple stoves to run off a shared fuel source saving space and weight in your pack
  • Braided stainless-steel line is rugged and built to stand up to heavy use
Compatible with a wide range of Jetboil basecamp stoves. The ability to add extra burners to your cook station allows you to take up less time preparing meals cooking more food at once. 
Weight 9.4 oz
Length 36"
Compatibility Genesis, HalfGen, Gonzo Grill, Ignite and Ignite Plus camp stoves
(Note: Ignite camp stoves must be the last line in the chain, it cannot be the starting point) 

Jetboil JetLink Accessory Hose


Built by GOHUNT

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