HydraPak Articfusion Tube

This insulated tube will keep your water from freezing in cold temperatures and will also keep the water in your tube cold in warmer temperatures.

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Why we like this product

  • Designed for a wide range of cold-weather activities
  • Helps protect water from freezing in extreme temperatures
  • Keeps the ice out and also keeps the water cool stored in the hose on hot days
  • Steady flow, angled Phaser™ Bite Valve with insulated valve base cover and dust cover

Ice belongs on the mountain, not in your hydration system. That’s why HydraPak created the ground-breaking ArcticFusion Tube Kit. This innovative solution is a premium tube system that helps keep water flowing in freezing temps. It has the Phaser bite valve on one end and the Plug-N-Play connector on the other, and it has 50% more foam insulation than competing brands.

Weight 3.5 oz
Diameter .25" internal tube diameter (does not fit standard tube magnet)
Length 36"
Materials  TPU, PP/POM, Silicone
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing or material defects

HydraPak Articfusion Tube


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