HHA Tetra RYZ Tournament Double Pin Bow Sight

The HHA Tetra RYZ Tournament Double Pin Bow sight offers archers the benefits of a multi-pin sight in a single-pin platform with water-resistant long-distance sight tapes and multi-lens compatibility.


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Why we like this product

  • Double vertical pins are perfect for the run and gun archer looking for a clean, simple sight picture
  • Silky smooth sight movement makes adjusting during the heat of the moment easier
  • Mechanical rheostat to control pin brightness
  • Water-resistant sight tapes
  • High visibility sight ring with integrated bubble level
  • 4-5" dovetail for the ultimate in durability and adjustability

After more than 20 years and huge demand, HHA finally built the ultimate sight for both bowhunters and 3D shooters. The Tetra RYZ Tournament features a vertical double-pin setup that offers the benefits of a multipin sight picture in HHA's single-pin platform. For those used to adjustable sights, HHA has developed arguably the smoothest moving systems on the market. With 2+" of travel and the longest sight tapes ever offered, combine to give the archer unmatched distance and accuracy because we all know, practicing at 70+ yards, makes that high-stress 40-yard shot on a bulging bull or rutting buck, that much easier.

Sight Type Slider
Number of Pins 2 pin
Pin Size .019 or .010
Mounted Length Adjustable 4-5" dovetail
Adjustment 1st and 2nd axis leveling
Material Aluminum
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime

HHA Tetra RYZ Tournament Double Pin Bow Sight


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