Helix Single Bevel Broadheads FJ4 - 3 Pack

The FJ4 takes the classic single-bevel broadhead design to the next level with two more bleeders for superior blood trails! Its bevel creates arrow rotation when tissue pressure is applied, helping the head stay on track. The rear is also sharpened, reducing friction, heightening penetration, and ensuring no meat loss is incurred.


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Why we like this product

  • Solid blade designs make for very quiet arrow flight
  • Added 2 additional bleeder blades
  • The back of the arrowhead is sharpened to reduce friction

The Helix Single Bevel FJ4 broadhead takes the original single bevel design but adds 2 additional bleeder blades giving you more cuts and better blood trails! Upon impact, tissue pressure pushes against the bevel and induces arrow rotation, which offers many advantages, particularly when penetrating thicker bone. Additionally, the back of the arrowhead is sharpened to reduce friction, boost penetration, and prevent the meat from caving in around the blade.
Easily resharpened with the Helix HX Pro Sharpener II.

Type Fixed blade
Weight 100 gr 125 gr 150 gr
Number of Blades 4
Cutting Surface
100 grain = 2 1/16″
125 grain = 2 1/8″
150 grain = 2 1/4″
Material 100-150 - Aluminum
Broadheads Per Pack 3
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Helix Single Bevel Broadheads FJ4 - 3 Pack


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