Harris S-25CP 13.5 to 27 Inch Bipod

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Why we like this product

  • Attaches to Picatinny Rail Only
  • Three-piece smooth leg construction, which allows numerous height adjustments when legs are pulled out.
  • They will retract back under spring tension.
  • Better suited for taller individuals as it is one of the taller bipods that Harris offers.
  • Weighs 1.34 lbs
  • Made with heat-treated steel and hard alloys. It has hard rubber leg caps
  • Made in the USA


This Harris Bipod S-25CP extends from 13 ½” to 27” which is low enough to shoot fairly comfortably from a prone position(especially for taller individuals) but tall enough to shoot from a crouched or seated position. It attaches directly to increasingly popular bipod Picatinny Rails (not your standard sling swivel stud). This bipod features three-piece smooth leg construction that uses thumb screws on each leg to lock them at the desired height, which results in quieter and more precise adjustments. Thanks to the spring loaded design of Harris Bipods, the legs can be opened smoothly without the need to press a button and are held securely in both the open and closed positions.
This bipod is on the taller side and is best suited for environments where shots are likely to be taken on uneven ground (for example shooting across a canyon from a downhill slope, or shooting up at an animal from the bottom of a wash) or where clearing grass and brush may be necessary . The S-25CP has a built-in sling swivel stud so that you can still use your sling. Like all Harris Bipods, the legs and body are manufactured from rugged heat-treated steel and hard alloys. The leg caps are made of hard rubber for a good balance of grip and durability, and the adjustment knob is polymer. Rest assured this Harris Bipod has a guaranteed forever warranty and is made 100% in the USA.


1.34 lbs

Max. Height

27 in

Min. Height

13 ½ In 









Harris Engineering Inc.

Harris S-25CP 13.5 to 27 Inch Bipod


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