Hamskea Everest Arrow Rest with Mathews Bracket

Experience versatility and reliability with the Hamskea Everest Arrow Rest. Its limb-actuated design seamlessly attaches to either the top or bottom limb without the need for extra parts. Plus, it can easily be converted into a Cable Fallaway for added convenience. With two sealed stainless-steel ball bearings, the rest requires no maintenance and guarantees consistent and precise actuation in any weather. Unlike other rests, its tight tolerances remain unchanged over time, ensuring lasting performance.


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Why we like this product

  • The rest is in-line behind the riser eliminating quiver interference
  • Secure & precise picatinny clamping system
  • Miro-Launcher angle adjustment
  • Configurable for top limb, bottom limb or cable-driven activation
  • Eliminates lateral shaft movement with Zero Tolerance Technology (ZTT)
  • Two stainless steel bearings for smooth actuation
  • Rebound dampener manages launcher rebound and mechanical stresses
  • Cord Clamp Tensioner
  • Adjustable Torsion Spring Tension

The Everest Arrow Rest is the newest edition to the Hamskea Arrow Rest lineup. It is lighter and more streamlined than any of its predecessors.

**The Hamskea Everest Arrow Rest with the Mathew’s approved bracket is compatible with 2020 or newer bows with a 0.9″ riser thickness.**


The Hamskea Everest boasts a robust all-metal construction with precisely machined components, ensuring durability and strength. One of the key features of the Hamskea Everest is the C.O.R. Mount Technology which positions most of the rest behind the bow riser. This design brings the quiver closer to the riser, enhancing balance for the shooter. The Everest is compatible with LoPro quivers from Hoyt and Mathews and offers three distinct mounting options.

The C.O.R. Riser Mount Interface is one of the available attachment options, connecting to two back holes drilled into the riser. This removes the need for using the berger hole and positions the rest at a 13/16” center shot right out of the box. Alternatively, the C.O.R. Universal Adaptor Bracket can be used, attaching the rest through the berger button, allowing for torque tuning, and fitting most bows.  The C.O.R. Mathews Bracket is specifically compatible with Mathews bows that have a 0.900” thick riser and also sets the rest at a 13/16” center-shot.

The Hamskea Everest is a versatile Limb-actuated rest that can easily attach to either the top or bottom limb without any additional parts. It can also be configured as a Cable Fallaway if desired. The rest is equipped with two sealed and maintenance-free stainless-steel ball bearings, providing reliable and consistent actuation in all weather conditions. Its tight tolerances remain consistent over time, unlike rests that utilize bushings, which may have initial slop and worsen over time.

The Hamskea Everest Arrow Rest comes equipped with an over-molded launcher and a 2-piece containment bracket, making it stand out from other arrow rests. Unlike other rests, this launcher does not require felt for a quiet draw cycle. Additionally, the over-molded containment bracket securely holds your arrow in place before and during your shot. The top bracket can also be removed if desired, while still maintaining the bottom bracket. The Rebound Dampener is a durable feature that eliminates the need for a Dampening Coil Spring, effectively managing launcher flutter and minimizing shock from the limb, ensuring a smooth and quiet shot every time.

The Everest features Zero Tolerance Technology to eliminate any looseness in the carrier rod, resulting in precise and consistent performance. The Adjustable Launcher Spring Tension allows for optimal customization to match the weight of the arrow, allowing the launcher to flex in coordination with the arrow as it paradoxes during the shot, optimizing accuracy.

Additionally, the innovative Micro-Launcher Angle Adjustment “MLA” Technology allows for precise and continuous adjustments to the launcher angle. This enables archers to fine-tune the launcher stopping points independently with the up-stop and down-stop. The inclusion of a Nylon Ball prevents the adjustment screw from moving during tuning or testing, while separate locking set screws secure the adjustment screws once adjustments are complete. Standard windage and elevation adjustments are also included for a more efficient setup. 

Type Limb Driven or Cable Driven
Weight 4.6 oz
Micro-Adjust Yes
Full Containment  Yes
Manufacturer Warranty
Limited Lifetime

Hamskea Everest Arrow Rest with Mathews Bracket


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