Grayl Ultralight Compact Purifier Bottle

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Alpine White
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goHUNT Highlights

  • Compact and can fit in most backpack pockets
  • You can have 16 oz of clean drinking water in 15 seconds
  • Quick and easy to use while hiking

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Filters particulates, pesticides, and many chemicals
  • Cartridge is good for 300 cycles (40 gal./ 150L)
  • Loop Cap makes it easy to carry and a more comfortable pressing experience
  • Weighs 10.9 oz
  • Warranty - 10 year warranty

The Grayl Ultralight Compact Purifier Bottle with the smaller capacity and low profile fits in virtually any pack or side pocket. In just seconds you will be able to turn dirty water into 16 oz of clean drinkable water and have you back on your way without wasting any of your time on the mountain.

Weight 10.9 oz
Capacity 16 oz
Height 9.625"
Diameter 2.7" (at base)
Cartridge Lifespan 300 cycles (40 gal./150L)
Warranty 10 year warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kim Warfield
Grayl filter

I must say, this filter appears to do what it says on the website. I have not checked the parts per million in the water or the bacterial count. I worked in the water purification industry at a company that was putting all the giants in the industry out of business. The tech at Grayl is good but very limited. I would have no problem trusting this filter in the woods with its limitations. I will probably use it in conjunction with my Sawyer filter. I think it is an excellent product and well worth having and using. I have used mine to filter my tap and bottled water.


Terri Devitt
not sure what this means

I actually got it for a gift so don't know about the use of it but if it does what it says it will it was a great investment.

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