Granger Down Care Kit

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The Grangers Down Care Kit encompasses all of your down care needs in one kit to keep your down performing at its best.

Why we like this product
  • Specially formulated to clean all down and down-filled articles
  • Bluesign approved, 100% recycled bottle
  • PFC-free durable water-repellent
  • Powerful cleaning to remove dirt, and stains, and maximizes breathability

The Down Care kit was inspired by the need and desire to offer a complete down care solution. The kit combines Wash + Repel Down 2-in-1, to clean and protect the down articles with three dryer balls to help the down re-loft. Washing down gear can be intimidating, no one wants to potentially ruin their hard-earned expensive down jacket or sleeping bag. With that said your expensive jacket or sleeping bag will lose performance over time and needs to be cared for. The Grangers Down Care Kit takes away the fear of down maintenance and brings back that much-needed performance. Wash + Repel Down 2-in-1 is Grangers unique 2-in-1 product which cleans and proofs in one wash cycle meaning less impact on the environment, less time cleaning and more time for adventure. The 2-in-1 formula can also be used to clean and protect synthetic down-filled articles as well. The three dryer balls are reusable for up to 1000 washes and is perfect for preventing clumping and ensuring that the down restores its loft. Some people have used tennis balls, these can leak color onto your item and can crush the down clusters negatively impacting the performance of the item.


Granger Down Care Kit


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