Grakksaw Ultralight XL Game Bags

Grakksaw Ultralight XL Game Bags have been expertly crafted to offer the ultimate blend of size, durability, and weight, making them an ideal choice for carrying a boned out bull elk. Crafted from advanced synthetic materials, each bag can accommodate more than 50 lbs of deboned meat.


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  • The entire set only weighs 7 oz!
  • Ultra tough, made with a premium ripstop nylon
  • Easy to spot in the day or at night

The Grakksaw Ultralight XL Game Bags are expertly designed to be the perfect combination of size, strength, and weight to hold a boned-out bull elk. Made of synthetic material, each bag can hold over 50 lbs of deboned meat, with all bags fitting compactly into one stuff sack. Full set of 6 bags, each measuring 14"x33" and weighing just over 1 oz. These bags are highly versatile - not only used by experienced hunters like Lampers and Gritty, but also ideal for marking kill sites or blood trails, and providing added assurance from stray bullets while packing out your meat. The rapid moisture transport technology keeps your meat fresh until refrigeration. Additionally, the compact size of these bags, slightly bigger than a man's fist, allows for a spacious pack. At just 7 oz for a set of 6 bags, these bags are a cost-effective way to reduce weight on your next hunt.


Grakksaw Ultralight XL Game Bags


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