GOHUNT Rifle V Rest

Take aim with the incredibly handy GOHUNT Rifle V-Rest! Attach it quickly and securely to most tripod base plates to turn your tripod into a stabilized shooting rest, suitable for all rifle sizes. Shooting over high brush or even just to stabilize your shot, put the power of quick, accurate aiming in your hands now!

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The GOHUNT Rifle V-Rest transforms your tripod into a stable shooting rest with its standard 3/8" thread set post for a secure connection. Lightweight and convenient, it's perfect for taking aim in rugged environments or when you need a quick and stable shooting rest. The Rifle V rest is made from high-grade thermal polymer and is over-molded with mid-density rubber to ensure the perfect grip when firing your rifle. This rest has a 360-degree independent swivel so you can adjust your view just by rotating your rifle around without unscrewing the base.

Weight 1.7 oz
Size 2.75" tall x 4.25" wide x 1.5" base width
Thread Size





GOHUNT Rifle V Rest


Built by GOHUNT

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