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goHUNT Highlights 

  • The goHUNT Kill Kit has just about everything you need to quickly and cleanly process your buck or bull

  • This Kill Kit is perfect for any style of hunting from ultralight backpack hunters to truck hunters

  • Add the knife of your choice and you are ready to go

Manufacturer's Highlights

  • Pair it with the Argali or Caribou game bags of your choice

  • 1.5 L Cordura ripstop silnylon zip-pouch

  • Weighs less than 1 lb

Across the west hunters set out every Fall with the same goal in mind, fill the freezer and when it finally comes together having a complete ready-to-go kill kit is imperative. The goHUNT Kill Kit has just about everything you need to quickly and cleanly process your buck or bull. A 1.5 L zip-pouch comes with either a Caribou or Argali Game Bag Set, a plastic contractor bag to keep your pack clean and lay the meat on, 50 ft of orange reflective cord to hang meat, a roll of flagging and electrical tape, two towelettes to clean your hands, a set of orange Nitrile gloves and a BIC pen to sign your tag. Add your favorite hunting knife and you are ready to go!

**Color of kill kit bag may vary

Quantity Item
1 1.5 L Cordura ripstop silnylon zip-pouch (weighs 1 oz)
1 Game Bag Set
1 50 ft Atwood 3/32" orange tactical reflective cord (275 lb tension rate)
1 33 - gallon plastic contractor bag
1 roll of fluorescent orange marking tape
1 roll of black electrical tape
1 set of orange Nitrile gloves
1 black BIC pen
2 wet towelettes to clean hands

Customer Reviews

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1st take

You are basically paying for game bags and getting a sweet little kit for free. I bought a Stone Glacier pack and got one as a bonus during the winter promo so I even got luckier.


goHUNT Kill Kit

Kill kit

Just got it and taking it out next weekend.

Awesome Kit

This kit is a great overall kit. One little thing is I wish another pair or two of gloves be included in the kit, but honestly I’m just being picky at that point. Great job guys! Love goHunt.

GoHunt Kill Kit

Well I love the organized kill kit. However, that led me to thinking this new kir really deserved the new Gerber knives that Randy Newberg helped design. So I am now waiting for another order to arrive plus a few more extras.
I am really psyched to look at Gohunt's new 3D maps just haven't had the time. Trying out a new unit in my home state of Arizona. Late season rifle elk.
At least now I feel that I can expand and try new places.
All the best,

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