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Goal Zero Flip 12 Power Bank

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goHUNT Highlights

  • USB output flips out and plugs directly into any USB port to easily charge up the battery in 3 hours

  • Great little power bank when you're packing ultra-light or your needs don't require more than a single charge

  • Only weighs 2.5 oz so it’s perfect for any backcountry scenario

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Weighs 2.5 oz

  • Charges phone one time

  • Only 3.5 inches tall and .75 inches wide

  • Warranty - 1 Year

The Flip 12 is a great option to keep your electronics charged in the backcountry. This new for 2019 portable charger features high-quality 3,350 mAh cells that provide enough power for approximately one full phone charge. This power bank can be used to charge any device that uses a USB charging cable whether it be a phone, camera, GPS, or any other item that you need to keep charged on the mountain. Due to its small size, it works great as a backup battery on day hunts or an overnighter. For extended stays, we recommend using a larger battery such as the Flip 36 or the Venture 70.

The Flip 12 is designed to charge if connected to a solar panel. This allows you to keep it charged throughout your hunt in case plans change and you need to stay longer. It also fits perfectly into the shelf on the back of the Nomad 5 Solar Panel.

Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 3.7" x .83" x .83"
Capacity 3,350 mAh (about 1 full phone charge)
Approximate Charge Time USB: 3 hours
Nomad 7 Solar Panel: 3-4 hours
Nomad 5 Solar Panel: 3-5 hours
Recommended Operating Temperature 32°F - 104°F
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year

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