Garmin Xero A1i Pro Bow Sight


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GOHUNT Highlights

  • A flashing pin above the aiming point shows the estimated apex of your arrow’s flight
  • Range trigger can be mounted almost anywhere on your grip allowing you to tailor it to your shooting style
  • The sight will estimate your bow’s max range using your 20-yd pin, bow speed, draw length, and arrow diameter

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Get instant angle-compensated distance on game up to 100 yards away or reflective targets up to 300 yards away
  • ​​Saves pin settings for multiple arrow configurations, so you can change from your practice setup to your hunting setup in seconds
  • Micro-adjustable rails let you make precise changes for elevation, windage, and laser reticle alignment
  • Warranty - Limited

No more need to guess the range of your target based on fixed objects. Affix the range trigger to your bow grip to range the distance and use the LED pins to execute the perfect kill shot. The sight automatically creates a pin stack to the estimated maximum distance for your bow based on arrow speed, draw length, and arrow diameter. It also incorporates a flashing pin to show the arrow at the apex of its flight path allowing you to see if there are any branches that will deflect it. The sight is easy to use and provides an accurate range on animals up to 100 yards away.

Weight 1lb 2 oz
Dimensions 9.2" x 5.0" x 3.7"
Display Size 1.00"W x 0.42"H
LED Pin Color Red / Green
Pin Diameter .007” and larger for red, .009” and larger for green
Range 100 yards to game; 300 yards to reflective targets
Waterproof Rating IPX7: submerged in a depth of 1m for 30 minutes
Battery Type 2 AAA (included)
Battery Life 1 year
Warranty Limited

Garmin Xero A1i Pro Bow Sight


Built by GOHUNT

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