G5 Montec M3 Broadheads


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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Closed vents design make for an extremely quiet broadhead in-flight

  • Stronger stainless steel which makes for a sharper blade for utmost damage

  • Solid one-piece design makes these very simple and easy to use out of the box for any hunter
  • Perfect broadhead for mule deer or elk

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Cut-on-contact design to ensure a maximum penetration
  • 3 fixed blades with 1-1/16" cutting diameter

  • 100% spin tested to make sure you only get the best

The G5 Montec M3 is the next evolution of the venerable Montec broadhead. With a closed vent design, you get the solid three-blade Montec design but it's quieter in flight. The M3 also features even stronger steel with the added benefit of being able to make it even sharper than the original.

Type Fixed Blade
Weight 100 or 125 grains
Number of Blades 3
Broadhead per pack 3
Cutting Diameter 1-1/16"
Material Steel

G5 Montec M3 Broadheads


Built by GOHUNT

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