G5 Arrow Squaring Device FLIP


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GOHUNT Highlights

  • For those looking to have perfect arrow builds each and every time
  • Perfect for carbon and aluminum arrows alike
  • A must-have for the at-home arrow builder

Manufacturer Highlights

  • De-burr and perfectly square the ends of your arrow shafts to make the tunning process easier
  • Good for any sized arrow shaft
  • Made In the USA
  • Improves arrow accuracy for field points and broadheads

The ASD FLIP is an essential tool for any bowhunter who demands perfection out of their archery equipment. It de-burrs your arrow shafts and inserts to ensure perfect insert and broadhead alignment. The result is an arrow that spins perfectly and flies like a dart. Perfect for both carbon and aluminum arrows.


G5 Arrow Squaring Device FLIP


Built by GOHUNT

Our latest must-have gear, perfect for use at home and in the field.

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