Final Rise Webbing Keepers

Final Rise Webbing Keepers are perfect for cleaning up the loose strap ends for your upland vest, hunting pack, or travel duffles.

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Why we like this product

  • One-wrap hook and loop is simple and easy
  • Lightweight alternative to plastic clips
  • Includes six 3" one-wrap sections

One-Wrap Hook & Loop is a simple, lightweight, and hassle-free way to clean up dangling tag-ends of webbing. It is our preferred alternative to plastic clips or gear keepers. Because everybody is different, some customers may experience longer loose ends of webbing in the shoulder strap area. For those that want to keep the extra length rather than cut and singe the leftover strap, roll them up with one-wrap and keep them in place, saving the extra length for when it's needed. Each set includes six 3" pieces of one-wrap, two for your shoulder straps, 2 for the rear yolk adjustments, and two spares for jacket leashes or replacements. Not big enough for the 2" belt webbing.

Final Rise

Final Rise Webbing Keepers


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