Easton 6.5mm ACU Match Grade Pre-Fletched Arrows - 6 Count

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Arrow Length Arrow length is determined by measuring carbon-to-carbon.
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Glue Inserts Select "Yes" if you'd like us to install factory-included inserts. For additional customizations, contact us at (702) 847-8747 or gear@GOHUNT.com prior to placing your order.
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How GOHUNT cuts your arrows

When cut, the length of your custom arrows is determined by measuring carbon-to-carbon.

Diagram showing arrow measurement carbon-to-carbon

Arrows cannot be returned once they have been cut

*Includes 6 arrow shafts

GOHUNT Highlights

  • Target-level accuracy built into a hunting arrow
  • Match Grade Version 6.5mm – medium diameter all-carbon arrow with extremely tight tolerances
  • Uses Acu-Carbon™Uniform Spine process which eliminates the need for spine-alignment and weight sorting

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Includes microlite nocks (weighs 7.5 grains) designed for improved alignment and reduced weight
  • Match Grade Straightness ±.001”
  • Includes 6.5mm inserts (weighs 23 grains) that have protective shoulders 4X-larger to add strength and boost FOC (front of center)
  • Pre-Fletched with 2" Bully Vanes

The 6.5mm Match Grade presents as a much stronger arrow shaft compared to its counterparts. Built with an Acu-Carbon uniform spine you will never have to worry about spine alignment. Designed with microlite nocks for an overall lighter arrow weight. A great hunting arrow that can also be used as a target arrow.

Grains Per Inch

340 - 9.3
400 - 8.4

Outside Diameter
340 - .298"

400 - .294"

Inside Diameter
340 - .246"
400 - .246"
Factory Length
340 - 31.5"

400 - 31"

Quantity Per Pack 6

Easton 6.5mm ACU Match Grade Pre-Fletched Arrows - 6 Count


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