Easton 5mm Axis Pro Series Match Grade Arrow Shafts - 12 Count

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*Includes 12 arrow shafts

goHUNT Highlights

  • Match Grade Version Axis – small diameter all-carbon arrow with extremely tight tolerances
  • Smaller side profile helps keep the arrow on target in crosswinds
  • Proven micro diameter carbon arrow shaft for greater penetration

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Match Grade Straightness ±.001” and spine matched for top-level accuracy
  • Includes X Nock (weighs 9 grains) & X HIT 8-32 inserts (weighs 16 grains)
  • High-strength carbon-composite fibers

The Match Grade variant of the 5mm Axis arrow shafts from Easton has the most exacting straightness tolerance in the business, ±.001”. Built with all of the penetrating power of the standard axis the match grade will have even less divergence from the target in crosswinds. Built from industry-leading strength carbon fibers.

Grains Per Inch 

260 - 11.5
300 - 10.7
340 - 9.5 
400 - 9.0

Outside Diameter 

260 - .280"
300 - .273"
340 - .269"
400 - .263"

Inside Diameter 

260 - .204"
300 - .204"
340 - .204"
400 - .204"

Factory Length 

260 - 34"
300 - 32.5"
340 - 32"
400 - 31.5"

Quantity Per Pack 12

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Easton 5mm match grade 260 spine

Only arrows I buy. Consistent and durable.

Good all around arrows...

These are the affordable, everyday guy arrows, they work great for target archery to hunting applications! Wish they were a bit lighter, but they are great arrows.

Quality Arrows an Delivery

Ordered some Easton Axis arrows and they not only arrived on time (which during the pandemic seems to be a rarity) but they were also well packed and were an outstanding price. Thanks gohunt. Now just need to nock tune and get ready for archery season later this year.

Good Ol’ trustee

I’ve shot these arrows ever since switching from the aluminum Easton 2275 shaft. I have made my own arrows for years and the axis arrow has always delivered well when all put together to shoot. I also shoot judo tips at grouse often throughout the season and they even hold up well after hitting dirt and rocks over and over.

Easton Axis 5mm

Big fan of axis arrows. I’ve been shooting them for many years. They are extremely tough and durable arrows. Always an easy transaction with goHUNT as well.

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