CVA Barrel Blaster™ Wonder Gel Solvent

CVA® Barrel Blaster™ Wonder Gel is designed to ensure optimal performance of .45 to .54 caliber muzzleloaders. Containing an ammonia base, the gel allows for easy coating of the barrel and effectively removes copper, lead, and plastic residue. Barrel Blaster™ solvents and rust preventatives are renowned in the muzzleloader sector and their no-leak formula is ideal for outdoor use. Simply extract a small amount from the tube and apply it to a cleaning patch before passing it through the barrel for an effective clean and maintenance.


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Why we like this product

  • Convenient 4oz tube
  • Maintains the integrity of your barrel
  • Ammonia based solvent

The CVA® Barrel Blaster™ Wonder Gel was designed to keep your .45 to .54 caliber muzzleloader in peak condition. The ammonia-based gel makes coating the barrel simple while helping to remove copper, lead, and plastic fouling residue. Barrel Blaster™ is a series of solvents and rust preventatives known as some of the finest cleaning and maintenance products in the muzzleloader industry. Its no-leak formula is perfect for use in the field, and the gel is ready to use right from the tube. To give your bore the best care, apply a small amount to a cleaning patch and pass it through the barrel. This will finish the cleaning and maintenance.



CVA Barrel Blaster™ Wonder Gel Solvent


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