Crossroad Archery Crossover 1233 Stabilizer


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GOHUNT Highlights

  • The ultimate stabilizer with a full range of adjustability to satisfy the needs of every archer
  • Allows you to find the sweet spot for your style of shooting to make the most accurate shot when it matters the most
  • Extends out to 33" and collapses down to 12" for over 21" of adjustability

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Stabilizer weighs 7.4 oz without weights
  • Comes with three 1 oz weights
  • Gives you the ability to adjust the stabilizer given the situation of your shot

The Crossover is a unique stabilizer that gives hunters and target shooters the chance to have full adjustability when it comes to their stabilizer length. Within seconds, you can have anywhere between a 12" - 33" stabilizer giving you the ability to make adjustments on the fly depending on the environment. The 1233 stabilizer is meant to be more of a 3D/target stabilizer but if you're looking for the "Crossover" for 3D and hunting, this is the bow stabilizer for you!

Material Carbon fiber
Minimum length 12"
Maximum length 33"
Weight 7.4 oz without weights
Crossroad Archery

Crossroad Archery Crossover 1233 Stabilizer


Built by GOHUNT

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