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Caribou Gear “The Carnivore III” High Country Game Bag Set

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Lightweight, strong, synthetic nylon game bag set for the ounce counting backcountry hunter

  • Includes 5 game bags designed for boned out game

  • Total kit weighs 14 oz

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Game bags are washable

  • Includes a nylon logoed storage bag

  • Warranty - None

The Carnivore III game bags are for the bare essentials backcountry hunter when every ounce counts. The set includes 5 game bags designed for boned out mule deer, elk, antelope, or any type of game. They are also large enough for a single mule deer quarter, or even a hind and front quarter for a typical antelope buck. Made from ultralight strong synthetic material Caribou game bags will provide you many years of use and are washable.

Dimensions 4" x 6.5"
Weight 14 oz
Material Synthetic Nylon
Includes 5 - 16" x 30" Logoed Game Meat Bags
1 - Nylon Logoed Storage Bag
Manufacturer Warranty None

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
William Gentry
great bags

Fortunate enough to use 2 of these on Barbary sheep hunt last week. Had 3 of other stretchy tube type. These out-performed the others by far. We were in a pretty steep, loose rock area for recovery and break down, and these Caribou bags kept the meat much more clean, dirt didn't get through them. Easier to hang and cooled down at least as well back in camp. More durable and cleaned up better once home. Hope to get a chance to try the whole set on deboned elk in future.

Peter J
Best game bags

I’ve used the wapiti set of game bags for the past several years to pack out over a dozen animals including elk, deer, and antelope. After helping my brother pack out his buck this fall using his carnivore set I decided I needed to get a set for myself. They are a great option for deer sized game and deboned meat due to the narrower sized bags. They fit better on the pack without squeezing out the sides when cinching down the straps. I believe I would have no problem fitting a whole deboned elk using these bags. Great product, very durable and clean up easily with cold water.

Daniel Hubbard

Caribou Gear “The Carnivore III” High Country Game Bag Set

John Schwartzlow
Excellent bags for deboned game

These bags held up very well on a recent Coues deer hunt and washed up without issue. I used 2 of the 5 bags which fit one front and one rear leg into each. I did leave the leg and shoulder bone in. I placed the backstraps, tenderloins, and trim in gallon bags (for a short hike out), but I could have used a 3rd bag. The bags are 16x30 with little to no stretch. I believe they would fit a completely de-boned elk. I usually leave the leg bone in until I get to camp so I'll need to completely debone or get larger bags for elk. For years, I used laundry bags. The fabric of these is lighter but seems just as strong. I really like that 5 bags fit in a pouch the size of a water bottle. Saves so much bulk in my pack. Very happy with the purchase.


Quality product

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