Bohning The Strip-Pro

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Bohning solves the problem of stripping your beat up vanes and wraps with the Strip-Pro, updated handle for 2022 provides great grip and ease of use.

Why we like this product
  • New and improved handle for better grip and ease of use
  • Easily remove vanes, glue residue, and wraps
  • Features cutting angle designed for carbon, aluminum, and fiberglass shafts in all diameters
  • Integrated storage for additional blades in the handle, replacement blades sold separately
Bohning has updated the Strip-Pro for the 2022 season and features and improved handle design for greater grip and ease of use. Replacement blades can be stowed within the newly designed handle, blades sold separately. The blade for the Strip-Pro has been designed for safe use on carbon, aluminum, and fiberglass arrow shafts in all diameters. The Strip-Pro makes easy work of old torn up vanes, wraps, and glue residue getting your arrow shafts back into tip top shape for the upcoming season.

Bohning The Strip-Pro


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