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Black Gold Ascent Mountain Lite 3 Pin Bow Sight

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Two-needle dual indicator system allows you to dial short or long

  • More compact and lightweight than the original Ascent Verdict

  • Precision 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Axis adjustability

Manufacturer Highlights

  • The Dial-of-Death adjustment system gives bowhunters, target sight accuracy featuring the reliable SureGrip knob

  • New Dual Indicator System; both needles are indexable, allowing you to dial short for the bull elk coming to your call or dial far for the early season high country mule deer

  • Splined vertical drive gear and machined aluminum guard for maximum pin protection increases durability for the western hunter

  • Warranty - Lifetime Guarantee

Black Gold took all the great features of the Ascent Verdict and made a more compact, lightweight version. The Mountain Lite features are perfect for the hardcore western hunter. The angled (45°) sight tape can be seen from the side or back, you never know where you'll be when you get that shot. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustability to help ensure you are accurate in any terrain.

Sight Type Slider
Weight 8.2 oz
Number of Pins 3 pin
Adjustment 1st, 2nd & 3rd axis leveling
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Black Gold Ascent Mountain Lite 3 Pin Bow Sight

Black Gold Ascent Mountain Lite Sight

This is the best light weight adjustable yardage sight on the market. The pins are extremely bright and the dial of death wheel works flawlessly. The goHunt crew filled the order quick and are never a disappointment!


I love this sight!!! New bow, new sight hahaha. After having a 5 pin this seems to give you so much more field of vision. Perfect fit for PSE Mach 1!!!

Two time purchase

I like this sight so much I bought it for my both of my bows. Quality is good, durability is good, customer service from MBG is good. The sight is light, the pins are bright and the adjustment knob is nice and tactile. What's not to like?

Black gold Mountain Lite 3-Pin Bowsight

This is a great sight. I have never had an adjustable sight before. I zeroed my pins at 20,30, and 40 yards then set my sight tape. I went out to 60 yards and I hit bull on my target. Then I decided to dial it out to 90 yards and slung a few. Now that was my first time shooting 90 yards but I still hit the bag, but my group wasn't great (operator error). Overall quality is great, materials are solid, and the mechanics are smoot. I defiantly seems to be durable, only time will tell though. I also like the dual indicators on this sight. I couldn't find anyone else that had two indicators that were fully adjustable like this sight. It lets you know exactly where you are hitting on the top and bottom pin, and ball park where your middle pin is hitting. Lastly the thing that I was most happy with about my order was the personal hand written card that I received with it. Its really nice to see that the company took the time to write a personal card to me thanking me for my order and wishing me luck with my new sight. I will defiantly be ordering from goHunt again for this reason. Caring for your customer goes a long way.

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