Black Gold Dual Indicator


Sorry, this product has been discontinued
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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Dial long or short shots with the dual indicator system, which allows you to dial your bottom pin for 60+ yard shots, or dial your top pin for those in-between ranges

  • Provides a precise aiming pin for every yardage

  • Easily installs and upgrades any existing Ascent sights (2020 or newer)

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Comes with 4 indicator needles with one 2-56 x 1/8 inch screw and one 2-56 x 3/16 inch screw

  • The Dual Indicator System is for 2020 Black Gold sights or newer

  • Both needles are indexable allowing you to set it at a specific yardage

  • Warranty - Lifetime Guarantee

Black Gold's new Dual Indicator System gives the archer the option to use two independent yardage indicators. Allowing the archer to set up multiple marks using different pins and the same sight tape. Dial short or dial far with the new Dual Indicator System.

Black Gold

Black Gold Dual Indicator


Built by GOHUNT

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