Black Eagle Zombie Slayer Arrow Shafts - 12 Count



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The Black Eagle Zombie Slayer is a fast, hard hitting, premium carbon shaft, with the tightest .001" or .003" straightness tolerances. 

Why we like this product
  • Made to deliver maximum kinetic energy and bone-crushing results down range
  • Built to handle the high speeds of today's top-end bows with ease
  • Built specifically for big game and delivering damaging impacts for shorter tracking jobs
  • Included are Translucent Yellow Black Eagle Arrows Standard Nock 8 Grains and Zombie Slayer Inserts - 14 Grains
  • Straightness tolerance of either .001" or .003" and weight tolerance of ± 1 grain
  • Inner diameter of .2445” and outer ranging from .281-.298”

If the apocalypse is around the corner then make sure the Zombie Slayer arrow shafts are in your quiver. Zombie Slayer shafts are engineered for speed and kinetic energy resulting in maximum penetration for western big game species. These 100% carbon arrow shafts are manufactured with the tightest of tolerances, .001” or .003” straightness, ensure you never miss that critical shot. Don’t trust your family’s survival to a second-rate shaft, survive the hunt with a successful kill.

Component Weights Insert - 14 grains
Nock - 8 grains
Grains Per Inch 300 - 9.2 grains
350 - 8 grains
400 - 7.5 grains
Outside Diameter 300 - .298"
350 - .293"
400 - .291"
Inside Diameter .2245"
Factory Length 32"
Grain Weight Tolerance ± 1 grains
Quantity Per Pack 12
Black Eagle

Black Eagle Zombie Slayer Arrow Shafts - 12 Count


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