Black Eagle F.O.C.O.S. Brass Weights - 12 count



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The Black Eagle F.O.C.O.S. Brass Weights are screw-in weights that fit all Black Eagle F.O.C.O.S retention posts to allow fine adjustments.

Why we like this product 
  • Fine-tune your F.O.C. with stackable weights
  • Add weight without increasing broadhead size
  • Compatible with Black Eagle F.O.C.O.S.
  • Consistent weights
  • Easy to install
The Black Eagle F.O.C.O.S. Brass weights are a great way to add additional weight to your Black Eagle shafts and increase your arrows F.O.C. The weights are screw-in and stackable allowing the archer to fine-tune their setup. These weights simply screw into the back of your existing F.O.C.O.S retention post maximizing your F.O.C. for greater penetration and possibility of pass-through. The 3/32" retention screws must be installed with the retention posts when using the added brass weights. Black Eagle recommends using Loctite Purple or Blue when using the screw-in weights.
Weight 10 grains
20 grains
30 grains
Material Brass
Compatible with  F.O.C.O.S. retention posts
Quantity 12 per pack
Black Eagle

Black Eagle F.O.C.O.S. Brass Weights - 12 count


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