Bee Stinger Microhex V-Bar



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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Bee Stinger's Microhex V-Bar is built for the hunter or target archer looking for the ultimate stabilizer
  • Obtain perfect bow balance by using a V-bar to offset the weight of your sight, rest, and quiver
  • Available in 12” and 15” options for western big game hunters wanting a longer front bar

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Microhex V-bars can be used as a front stabilizer or a side-rod
  • Create a symmetrical or one side counterbalance, Bee Stinger accessories give you numerous options (sold separately)
  • Exclusive Countervail® Technology delivers 40% less vibration

V-Bar, side-rod or back-bar... no matter what you call them, they are an essential tool to achieve optimum stabilization when shooting any bow. To off-set counter forces, such as the weight of your sight, quiver, and rest use this v-bar to maximize stabilization when shooting your bow. Put as much or as little weight desired by using the Bee Stinger Maxx end weights, offered in 2oz. and 4 oz. options.


12" - 3.4 oz

15" - 3.8 oz

Bee Stinger

Bee Stinger Microhex V-Bar


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